Anytime Online Program

High School Upgrading Online for Adults

The Anytime Online program offers students the ability to learn at your own pace with up to 24 weeks to complete. Instructors, our subject-matter experts, are ready to assist. You can access course materials online when you need them. Our bookstore will make sure you receive the required texts in a timely fashion.

Help Us Get Better

If you recently completed a course, please fill out the anonymous completion survey.  Instructors and staff take the feedback into consideration to shape development and teaching practices.  The password is celebrate.

Make Sure to SIGN IN to your courses!

If you are an anytime online student be sure to sign into your course using the sign in button at the bottom left of the home page to view your assignments/labs and the textbook solution manual. Here is an instructional video if you are having any problems. 

Program Notices

10 Time Management Tips for Students

Do you have difficulty managing your studies and personal life?  Learner Success Services has 10 Time Management Tips to help you manage your time more efficiently.

You can find these tips and more on Learner Resources.

NOTICE:  College Bookstore Changes

The Bow Valley College Bookstore has implemented a new online ordering process in addition to students being able to buy in person.

To purchase books online click on this link:
Bow Valley College Bookstore 

Please visit your course website for instructions on what selections you need to make to purchase your books.

Books may also be obtained through these sources:

- You may also search online classifieds or local bookstores for used copies of textbooks.

- As well many publishers may sell their textbooks online. Some of the textbooks may be available as ebooks.

D. To order "The Key" visit:  Castlerock Research

Be sure to check out your course site for your book list on the Getting Started page.

Anytime Online

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