How to Submit Assignments

There are several ways to submit your assignments and any other course work to your instructors.  Assignments include unit assignments in math and science, lab assignments in science, and essays in English Language Arts.
If the assignment is an essay or written-response, you could do your work in a word processor such as Word, Google Docs or Writer and attach the file to an email to your instructor.

If your work is on paper, you could scan your document and attach to an email (see below).
When you scan documents that are not in color, choose the setting “Scan in Black and White” if you are able to. This will usually produce a document that is less than 1 MB in size (instead of 10 MB).

If you are writing in pencil, please write darkly. Light pencil-marks often do not come through on some fax machines.

You can fax your work to us at 403-351-1328. Please use a cover sheet that has the following information:

    ATTN: Online Delivery Officer
    SUBJ: Assignment/Lab/Essay for Course X
    FROM: John Doe - Student ID #: XXXXXX
You may also send your work to us through the regular mail service by addressing it to:
Attention: Online Delivery Officer, Online High School Program
Bow Valley College
Foundational Learning
345 - 6th Ave. SE
Calgary, AB   T2G 4V1
In Person
The Foundational Learning Office is on the 5th floor of the North Campus in downtown Calgary. Go to the main reception area and ask for the online delivery officer or your instructor.

Anytime Online

Ph: 1-403-410-1551
Fax:  1-403-351-1328